Ash Moulton

Top 3 Voodoo Vegas Songs: Walk away, Feeling so good, Backstabber

Favourite VV song to play live: Come on over

Favourite VV gig to date: Status Quo 04/12/2014

Top 3 Voodoo Vegas Gigs you’ve played:

4th December 2014 - Rodahal Kerkrade Netherlands

16th July 2016 - Pivo In Cveji - Lasko Slovenia

September 9th 2013 - The Folly - Andover

Favourite 3 songs of all time: Impossible to answer

Current Gear You Use: Pro Series 2 American P Bass. Fender rumble 500 watt head and 4x10 Cab. Big Muff and Polytune pedals


Were busy in the studio... More gigs will be listed very soon